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vocabulary match puzzle

Macarena Sanchez

abase to bring about, create, generate
buffet to strike with force
convoluted to humilulate, degrade
demure to demolish, level
engender to stay from one side to the other
foil someone whbo is young or inexperienced as a neophyte in the literary world
gregarious sluggish from fatigue or weakness
hedonist quiet, modest, reserved
iridescent to thwart, frustate, defeat
knell one who believes pleasure should be the primary persuit of humans
languid the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death
meritorious shwing rainbow color
neophyte  intricate, complicated
oscillate worthy of esteem or reward
pugnacious  a difficult situation
quagmire drawn to the company of others; sociable
raze quarrelsome, combative

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