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First Civilizations

Grace Hoch

Gather Movement of groups of people from one place or another
Torah The way people use resources to meet their needs.
Empire A belief in one god
Surplus A group of people that work together.
Technology A centralized society with developed forms of religion, ways of governing, and learning.
Nomad An economic system based on money rather than barter
Artifact  To tame plants and animals for peoples uses
Code of Hammurabi The practive of requiring people to pay taxes to support a goverment
Barter A person who buys and sells goods for a living
Money Economy Skills and knowledge to make products or meet our goal
Judaism Is like farming.
Merchant A person with no settled home
Monarchy Someone who shuts things
Civilization A cold, treeless plain whose subsoil is permanently frozen
Domesticate A conquered land of many people and ruled by one ruler
Migration The religion of Jewish people.
Mesopotamia To get things
Monotheism The first five books of teh bible
Scribe broad group in society having common economic, cultural, or political status.
City-State The exchange of one good or service for another.
Economy A huge mud brick
Ice Age A human made object from a long time ago
Tundra The system of goverment of which a king or queen rules
10 Commandments A city and its surrounding farmlands with its own leaders
Hunter A set of laws comming from the bible
Taxation A long cold- weather period when huge sheets of ice covered parts of the earth
Social Class An extra supply
Ziggurat The collection of laws organized by the Hammurabi people .
Agriculture  A person who writes
Division of labor  It is the First civilizations
Band  An act of doing work.

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