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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Challenging vocabulary match based on words found in the book

Abysmally Uneasiness; anxiety
Apoplectic Flat-topped felt cap with a tassel worn by men in Egypt
Apparition In a condition of decay
Bedlam Feeling of excessive happiness
Bequeath Hostility or hatred
Berserk Flying into a rage
Bludgeon The remains is something destroyed
Clairvoyant Immeasurably deep; profoundly
Confiscated Able to perceive matters beyond the range of the ordinary
Contemptuously Using one's authority to seize or take away
Debris A ghostly figure
Derisively Oppressed by superior power
Dilapidated To give away personal property
Disgruntled Being loosely and awkwardly built
Disquiet To hit with heavy impact
Downtrodden Discontent
Enmity Acting violently destructive
Euphoria To free from entanglement
Extricate A scene of uproar
Fez Mockingly
Furtive Expressing disdain or scorn
Gangling The look of one with something to hide

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