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Stages of Life

Maner Riyanto, S.Pd.

The Children in Jonas's community go through certain prescribed stages as they progress through childhood. Tell what each stage involves by matching them.

New Children Remove hair ribbons and get a bicycle
Ones They are numbered, They're given comfort object
Threes New clothing, different undergarments between males and females, longer trousers for the male and a specially-shaped pocket for calculator
Fours, Fives, Sixes Comfort object weill be taken away, get volunteer hours, receive the identifying jacket with smaller buttons and pocket
Sevens Receive the assignment, start having stirrings and consuming pills
Eights Get front-buttoned jacket
Nines Wear jackets that are fastened down to the back
Tens The hair is shipped into distinguishing cut, male's ears are exposed, females no longer have braids
Elevens They receieve the naming
Twelves Dream telling begins, They start having a dream

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