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`ziggurant a farming method in which people clear fields by cutting and burning trees and grasses, the ashes of which serve to fertilize the soil.
barter a form of trade in which people exchange goods and services without the use of money.
nomand a skilled worker,such as a weaver or a potter, who makes goods by hand.
hunter a tired,pyamiid- shaped structure that formed part of a sumerian temple.
neolithic revolution the development pf skills in a particular supported cubans fight for independance.
slash-and-burnfarming the taming of animals for human use.
domestication a member of a group that has no permanent home, wandering from place to place in search of food and water.
civilization a system of writing with wedge-shaped symbols,invented by the sumerians around 3000 b.c.
specialization a form of culture characterized by cities,specialized workers,complex institutions, record keeping and advanced technology.
artisan  the major change in human life caused by the beginnings of farming-that is,by peoples shift from food gathering.
institution a member of nomadic group whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant foods.
bronze age  a long-lasting pattern of organization in a community.
scribes a period in human history, begining around 3000 b.c. in some areas, during which people began using bronze, rather than copper or stone, to fashion tools and weapons
cuneiforms one of the professional record keepers in early civilizations.

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