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Vocabulary Word Match

Jenniffer Profitt

Directions: Match the words on the left with the correct definitions on the right. Good luck!!! :)

gawky funny, but ill-mannered
bawdy superior to all others
eloquent to refuse boldly to obey or to yield to
homely tending not to talk or give out any information
defy having or showing clear and forceful expression
melancholy to be at ease and a state of peacefulness
repose a clumsy stupid person
reticent any vigorous, agressive movement for the defense or advancement of an idea or cause
paramount someone's appearance on the front of the head
countenance a sad or depressed state of mind, mood, or condition
crusade not pretty or handsome
animation eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, or another specific goal
ambitious an act of instance of spirit or enlivening

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