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Chapter 2 The Church Enters the Empire

Jim Kuriakose Period 8

Christian thinkers who defended and explained Christian beliefs. Martyrs
The truth that the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, while remaining God, assumed a human nature and became man. Apologists
the Church's list of sacred books in the Bible. Emperor Nero
A belief or attitude or teaching contrary to the revealed truth and to the Church's doctrine of faith.  Heresy
The living and authentic transmission of the teachings of Jesus Christ Canon
Declaration allowing religous freedom in the Roman empire. Episcopos
Persons who witness to the truth of the faith by enduring death. Tradition
Who are todays presbyters? Catechumens
Effecitive signs of grace. Sacraments
Denail of the fact God exists. Edict of Milan
A doctrine belief, attitude or teaching that is consistent with revelaed truth. Apologists
Those who were in the process of becoming initiated into the Church. Incarnation
Christians who denied teachings of the Church. Priests
Defended Christian beliefs. Orthodoxy
This person was stoned to death and was follower of Paul. treason
This roman emperor burned the city and blame dit on Christians.  Stephen
Christian were accused of what when they refused to worship roman gods in public. Bishops
Means overseers. liaty
Baptized citizens of the Church who are not saints but continue Jesus' work on Earth. Heretics
Another word for bishops. Atheism

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