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Around the World with TFK: Columbia

Directions: Connect each word/phrase on the left with its match on the right. Write the number of the match on the line.

1isthmus _____gracias
2emeralds _____one product exported by Columbia
3Spanish _____country located south of Columbia
4danceclass _____Chibcha Indians thought that these were caused by the god Chibchacum shifting the weight of the world on his shoulders.
5weaving _____flag color that represents the country's gold
6Republic of Columbia _____one of Cielo Alvarez's favorite hobbies
7Bogota _____country that controlled Columbia until 1819
8Peso _____One of Cielo Alvarez's favorite school subjects
9yellow _____money used in Columbia
10Pacific Ocean _____narrow area of land that joins two larger areas of land
11Peru _____capital of Columbia
12Andes Mountains _____friend in Spanish
13Spain _____Medellin event that begins in early August
14yellow-eared parrot _____mountain range found in Columbia
15Flower Fair _____Cielo's first class of the day
16San Agustin _____body of water located west of Columbia
17ocelot _____animal found in the Columbian Amazon that looks somewhat like a leopard
18Fernando Botero _____place where you can see many carved statues made many years ago
19earthquakes _____official country name
20amigo _____endangered bird found in Columbia
21Buenas noches _____good night in Spanish
22thank you in Spanish _____famous Columbian sculptor and painter

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