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Within Word: Short a & Long a Patterns

Mrs. Child

Directions: Match each word on the left to its match on the right. Write the number in front of the right column words, phrases, or sentences.

1same _____Sam read the last ________________ of the book before closing its cover.
2grass _____gardening tool used to gather leaves
3 hand _____I was _______________ when I missed the bus.
4whale _____large mammal that lives in salt water
5page _____an exact match
6bat _____Open the _______________ to leave the yard.
7what _____I don't remember ________________ I have for lunch today.
8snap _____Catch the ball with your _________________.
9rake _____He likes to _______________ his fingers while listening to music.
10ask _____green plant that needs mowing
11mad _____part of body with eyes, nose, and mouth on it
12gate _____mammal that can fly
13face _____Raise your hand if you want to _________________ a question.
14base _____another word for a bag
15glass _____The player ran from one ____________ to another in the baseball game.
16sack _____breakable material used to make windows

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