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Within Word: Short and Long i Patterns

Mrs. Child

Directions: Match each word on the left to its match on the right. Write the number in front of the right column words, phrases, or sentences.

1fishnet _____I like to swim and ________________ when I go to the pool every summer.
2bride _____piece of playground equipment
3five _____Many people like to eat pumpkin ______________ at Thanksgiving.
4fire _____number after four
5smile _____Tie your hair back with a pretty __________________.
6dive _____woman who is about to get married
7hill _____I'm sure Alex will ________________ when he sees the gift his parents bought for his birthday.
8hive _____landform that is smaller than a mountain
9lid _____used to remove fish from a fishtank
10pie _____metal object put on top of a jar to keep the contents inside
11fish _____We called 911 to report a ______________ in an empty house.
12ribbon _____what bees live in
13nine _____number before ten and after eight
14slide _____The name of my pet _____________ is Swimmy because he's such a fast swimmer.

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