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Syllables & Affixes: Compound Words

Mrs. Child

Directions: Match each word on the left to its match on the right. Write the number in front of the right column words, phrases, or sentences.

1countdown _____person who loves to read
2lightweight _____opposite of moonlight
3bookmark _____We walked ______________ to go to the fair.
4sunlight _____a great deal of rain in a short period of time
5downtown _____book used to organize pictures and momentos
6cookbook _____small device that may provide light
7snowplow _____During winter, you might throw this at someone.
8daylight _____I used paper and scissors to make a _______________ last winter.
9downpour _____used to keep your place in a book
10snowstorm _____time during which the sun is up
11headphones _____stubborn
12bookworm _____10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!
13flashlight _____condition when much snow falls
14downstairs _____not weighing a lot
15snowball _____used with an IPod so that other people are not disturbed by your music
16headfirst _____The _________________ on the motorcycle burned out and must be replaced.
17scrapbook _____When you dive into a pool, you go ________________.
18headstrong _____contains recipes
19snowflake _____opposite of upstairs
20headlight _____vehicle used to remove snow

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