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Syllables & Affixes: More Compound Words

Mrs. Child

Directions: Match each word on the left to its match on the right. Write the number in front of the right column words, phrases, or sentences.

1checkout _____I left my bike _________________ in the park, but I can't find it.
2something _____If there is ____________ in the bag, it is empty.
3anything _____Mrs. Child bought a new ______________ for the first day of school.
4sometime _____Sally found a dress all by _______________, without any help from an adult.
5sideways _____I'd like to buy a new car for _______________.
6nothing _____Crabs walk in this way.
7herself _____________________ the long winter, I had to constantly wash my car.
8someone _____________________ I'd like to travel to Mexico.
9beside _____Jane will wear _____________ that is colored purple.
10itself _____The skunk knocked down the bird bath all by _____________.
11myself _____Take care of ______________ when you are traveling.
12throughout _____This is the place you go when you're ready to pay for your groceries in a supermarket.
13somehow _____The children bought ________________ some ice cream while waiting for their parents.
14outfield _____Andy will _____________ find a way to pay the bills, even though he has no extra money.
15outfit _____The chair is ________________ the table.
16somewhere _____There's ____________ in my shoe and it's poking into my foot.
17themselves _____We walked _________________ after three days of heavy rain. The yard was very soggy!
18outside _____________________ ate all the cookies from the cookie jar!
19yourself _____In baseball, James likes to play __________ positions instead of infield ones.

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