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Supra On the behalf of an order made at the instance of one party without the opposite party having notice of the application.
Ab initio calling a prisoner by name, reading the indictment, demanding of the prisoner whether he or she is guilty or not guilty, and entering the prisoners plea.
Animus with needed changes in the detail.
Alias a name by which a person is known
Arraignment a finding of not guilty.
Autrefois the place where the charges are laid and the place where the trial takes place
Certiorari fees payable to witnesses to defray expenses of coming to testify. attendance money.
Venue if no evidence is given by the party on whom the burden is cast, the issue must be found against him.
Corpus Delicti in place of parent.
De Novo sound mind
Ex parte absolutely effective plea in bar to the secind information, if the accused has been convicted and it was attempted again to prosecute them for the same offence.
In loco Parentis an order to bring up to a court on the basis of lack of jurisdiction the record of a statutory tribunal or lower court to be quashed.
Mala in se to instigate, promote, procure or encourage the commisssion of an offence.
Mutandis an intial examination to determine the competency of a juror or witness.
Obiter Dictrum body of the offence, the ingredients of the offence;commonly, the dead body.
Post Mortem by virtue of ones office
Quash without publicity, privately and, if possible in the private office of the judge or a private room.
Sine die a plea which an accused may make in her own defence.
Voir dire at first glance. on the surface.
Abet without a day being fixed.
Aquittal something for something. a consideration
Alibi a person against whom one presents a petition, issues a summons or brings an appeal. a person or a department in respect of whom or which in respect of whose activities any report or information is sought or provided.
Ante A remark in passing. an opinion not required in a judgement and so not a binding precedent.the time is the past.
Autrefois Acquit an autopsy
Bona fide above
Compos mentis common law conduct, otherwise lawful, which is prohibited in the public interest. today such prohibited acts are classified as regulatory offences.
Conduct money proof of the absence of the accused at the time the crime is supposed to be committed
Ex officio not sound in mind
Flagrante delicto Common law, truly criminal conduct today prohibited acts are classified as crimes.
In camera from the beginning
Inter alia annual, make void. discharging or setting aside of a by-law and any remedy would be the simple act of quashing in itself.
Mala prohibita intent, intention
Non compos mentis before
Onus probandi while the crime is glaring while committing the offence charged.
Prima facie Fresh. New.
Quid pro quo among other things
Respondent in good faith
Res judicata A final judicial decision.a plea in defence to an action

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