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Cindy Thomas

Dental Office Infection Control

Antiretraction Device Colony Forming Units - seperable cells on a semisolid agar medium that create a visible colony
Biofilm When the body is properly aligned with the distribution of weight throughout the spine is equal
CFUs Bacteria that uses organic carbonas a source of nutrients. Protozoa, fungi, and most bacterial fall into this category
DUWL Bacteria that freely floats on water
Heterotrophic Dental Unit Water Lines - small bor tubing used to deliver dental treatment water through a dental unit (usually plastic tubing)
Immunocompromised Having a weakened immune system
Legionella Slime producing bacterail communities that may also harbor fungi, algae, and protozoa
Planktonic Genus of bacteria responsible for Legionellosis
Ergonomics prevents entry of fluids and microorganisms into waterlines as a result of negative water pressure, or "suck back"
Neutral Position Adaptation of work environment and tasks to the human body

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