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Limiting Adjectives

Match the correct LIMITING ADJECTIVE(S) to the correct sentence.

1I saw ___ Jones at the zoo. _____two (cardinal)
2___ cat is black. _____Several (indefinite)
3___ panda bear is cute. _____Mrs. (proper)
4There are ___ baby elephants. _____first (ordinal)
5The ___ exhibit we saw was the reptile room. _____Which (interrogative)
6___ zookeepers were taking care of the sick baboon. _____The, an (definite and indefinite)
7___ snake is the most poisonous? _____That (demonstrative)
8A ___ fly got caught in the spider's web. _____house (noun used as an adjective)
9___ giraffe at ___ apple. _____My (possessive)

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