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Match The Roman Words

By: Malba Ali

This Puzzle Is A Brain Teaser It Will Show You If You Know Who And When Were The Emperor's Of Rome Ruled. It Will Also Search For Words That Have To Do With The Government.

1Augustus _____Human-Made Channels That Are MadeTo Carry Water From Distances.
2Clovis _____The People Who Can Participate In GoverMent.
3Curruption _____The Eastern Empire.
4Theodora _____A Frankish King That Ruled In The 480 [s]
5Justinaian  _____A Emperor Who Divided The Roman Empire In Two Halves.
6Byzantine Empire _____A Group That Sacked The Romans In 410.
7Mosiacs _____Pictures Made With Pieces Of Colored Glass Or Stone.
8Diocletian _____An Emperor Who Ruled In 527.
9Constatine _____A Leader Of Rome In The117[s].
10Aqueducts _____The First Roman Empire.
11Citizens _____Justinian's Wife.
12Goths _____An Emperor Who Reunited The Roman Empire Affter It Was Divided.
13Trajan _____The Decay Of People's Values.
14Attila _____A Hun's Leader.

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