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Forensic Psychiatry Test

Mr Burkhardt


1Sigmund Freud  _____faking mental illness
2National Institute of Mental Health  _____clinically significant syndrome associated with distress or impairment
3Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders _____psychoanalysis
4mental disorder  _____financial compensation for damages.
5biops_vchosocial model _____the person making the will
6split personalities _____one in four Americans suffer from a mental illness
7major depressive disorder _____book used to diagnosing mental illness
8PTSD _____person was unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his or her actions
9Malingering _____dissociative identity disorder
10adversarial system _____based on the individual's functioning at the present time.
11insanity defense  _____understood in a comprehensive biological, psychological, and social framework
12sanity evaluation _____main american court structure
13testamentary capacity _____incapacitating sadness every day & 15% kill themselves
14testator _____post-traumatic stress disorder
15workers' compensation _____determine childs religion, education, social activities & disipline
16parental rights _____competency to make a will

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