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Pathology / Autopsy

Mr Burkhardt


1medicolegal autopsy _____extreme heat or cold and also may produce death
2manner of death  _____too much exposure to cold
3Autopsy _____cuase of death by electricity
4Visual Examination _____main chemicals used to preserve the body
5defensive wounds _____dead body dug up, or removed from mausoleum
6Traumatic deaths  _____is performed pursuant to a medical investigation of death for legal purposes
7Mechanical trauma  _____exposure to excessive heat
8Sharp force trauma  _____Post-Mortem Examination
9Thermal Trauma  _____External Examination
10Hypothermia _____stiffening of the body after death
11hyperthermia _____Post-mortem cooling
12Chemical Trauma _____a random quivering that does not pump the blood through the body properly
13Electrical Trauma _____death which results from the interaction of chemicals with the human body
14AC _____to injuries caused by sharp implements
15ventricular fibrillation _____occurs when the force applied to a tissue
16Rigor mortis  _____trauma caused by victims trying to defend themselves
17Virchow method _____the way in which the causes of death came to be
18Post-Mortem Interval _____alternating current
19algor mortis _____the disintegration of the body by the action of microorganisms, such as bacteria
20Autolysis _____fresh, bloated, decay and drying
21Putrefaction _____ each organ is removed, examined, weighed, and sampled separately
22four main stages of decomposition _____ the disintegration of the body by enzymes released by dying cells
23exhumation _____Time Since Death
24Embalming _____mechanical, thermal, chemical, or electrical
25Formaldehyde _____chemically treating the dead human body

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