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Australian Environments

J Jones

Key words related to the Australian Environment.

agriculture a rock formed below sea level
arid water flows down into a single from the high ground
Artesian water the number of people living ina given area
basalt water that come under pressure to surface
climate graph showing average rainfall and temperature
climograph molten rock
continental plates anything that has been altered or built by people
coral polyps taking valuable minerals such as gold from the ground
country wearing away of soil and rock by natural elements
drainage basin tiny animals that built the Great Barrier Reef
dunefields area of the world where clocks show the same time
environment anything of benefit or of use
erosion flat land that surrounds a river
evaporation little rainfall to support vegetation
extinct land area of a nation
faulting sand dunes formed parallel to wind
flood plain plants of a particular region
folding large solid rocky outcrop that resists erosion
human environment usual weather patterns of a particular place
inselberrg breaking and movement of rocks due to tectonic forces
landform rain caused by passage over mountains
lava surface volcanic rock
limestone growing crops and livestock
longitudinal dunes large pieces of the earth's surface that float on molten material
mesa place a river begins
mining accustomed to living in settlements such as a town
natural environment a flat topped hill
orographic rain no longer active
plateau process by which water changes into water vapour
population density a desert gully
resources the things that surround us
sources natural features of the land
time zone large flat area of land
urbanised bending of the earth's rocks due to tectonic forces
vegetation areas of desert
wadi a feature of the landscape

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