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Gre Word List

Nikhil yagi

To build great vocabulary.

1Cavil _____Rough, Arrogance, insolence
2Choleric _____a select group of close associates
3Coalese _____Superficial
4Cognizent _____broken down; fallen into ruin
5Commensurate _____to raise trivial objections
6Conserate _____knowledagable
7Chagrin _____Flood
8Circumspect _____Skillful
9Coda _____To confirm or to support with evidence
10Collusion _____Harmonious or in agreement
11Conciliatory _____to fuse or unite
12Consonent _____to make or declared sacred
13Consummate _____a passage with musical Composition
14Contumely _____quick to anger
15Copious _____Cautious
16Corroborate _____facial expression
17Coterie _____Humilation
18Countenance _____making peace through goodwill
19Covet _____sudden downfall or defeat
20cull _____proportionate
21Cursory _____corruption by sensuality
22Debacle _____to select or collect among many
23Debauchery _____to wish enviously
24Deluge _____Conspiracy or secret cooperation
25Dilapidated _____Abundant

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