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1483 Made Doctor of Theology
1501 Luther began teaching at the University of Wittenberg
1502 Went back to Wittenberg Castle
1505 Thunderstorm - promised to be a monk , dropped out of law school
1510 Visited Rome, appalled by corruption
1512 Luther died.
1517 Entered University of Ernfurt
1519-1520 Luther was ordained
1507 Martin Luther was born
1508 Published 95 theses
1521 Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther, Luther summoned to Diet of Worms, declated heretic & outlaw, went into hiding - kidnapped by Frederick the Wise
1522 Married to Katarina von Bora, former nun
1524-1526 translated Bible into German,
1524/5 Peasants war, leaders distorted Luther's teaching
1534 Wrote/developed pamphlets of ideas that became viral due to the printing press
1546 Joined Monastic order, became Augustinian friar

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