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Asphyxia Test

Mr Burkhardt


1asphyxial deaths  _____pressure on the outside of the body prevents respiration
2categories of asphyxiaa deaths _____displacement of oxygen from the atmosphere
3entrapment _____combination of suffocation and traumatic asphyxia
4smothering _____individual rolled onto the infant, killing it by a combination of smothering and traumatic asphyxia
5defective cribs _____occurs when a heavy weight presses down on an individual's chest or upper abdomen, making respiration impossible
6choking _____individuals find themselves trapped in an air-tight or relatively air-tight enclosure
7mechanical asphyxia _____an infant is trapped either between a too-small mattress and the frame of the crib, or between a defective crib and mattress
8traumatic asphyxia  _____caused by the mechanical obstruction or occlusion of the external airways
9positional asphyxia  _____suffocation, strangulation & chemical
10riot-crush _____caused by obstruction within the air passages
11traumatic asphyxia with smothering  _____nailed to a cross
12burking _____stampeding people piling on top of each other
13suffocating gases  _____caused by the failure of cells to receive or utilize oxygen
14crucifixion _____individuals become trapped in restricted spaces, where, because of the position of their bodies, they cannot move out of that area or position. This results in restriction of their ability to breathe, followed by death

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