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GRE word list

Nikhil yagi

Great Vocabulary

1Cynical _____no longer in existence
2Epistle _____old
3Heresy _____causing argument or debate
4Obscure _____trap; trick
5Poignant _____hidden; difficult to understand
6Respite _____sharpness; increase; whet
7Bourgeois _____full of holes
8Debility _____Common
9Hiatus _____theft; stealing
10Debunking _____believing that people act only out of selfish motives
11Hidebound _____decay; to get weaker
12Languish _____writing hard to read or enigmatic
13Restorative _____rigid in opinions
14Thwart _____cowardly
15Adament _____incapacity
16Hieroglyphics _____a letter
17Larceny _____speaking pompously or dogmatic
18Ponderous _____hateful
19Timorous _____against orthodox opinions
20Pontificate _____prevent, frustrate
21Decoy _____middle class
22Histrionic _____strongly affecting emotions
23Obstreperous _____thoroughness
24Adversity _____intermission or break
25Hoary _____walk unsteadly
26Hone _____hardships; misfortune
27Lax _____heavy and slow
28Riddled _____interruption; pause
29Bulwark _____after death
30Odious _____tonic
31Hypochondriac _____noisy and boisterous
32Posthumous _____careless; not strict
33Rigor _____domineering; intrusive
34Totter _____having imaginary illness
35Polemical _____fortification; wall; barricade
36Rife _____to expose myths or false claims
37Legion _____large in numbers
38Defunct _____theatrical; exaggerated
39Officious _____inflexible; forceful

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