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Jonas Brothers Lyrics. Find a song to match. Pt. 1

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All I wanna know is do you wanna get away, get away with me? Please Be Mine
The stars are light and the moon is bright from above Tonight
If it's you for me forever Things Will Never Be The Same
Music's in my soul Play My Music
Now I'm the king of the swingers, oh the jungle vip When You Look Me In The Eyes
S Club 7 in all those boy bands Poison Ivy
And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow Nick J is off the Chain
But tonight, I'm gonna fly Black Keys
Standing on a dirty, old rooftop A Little Bit Longer
If the heart is always searching I Wanna Be Like You
And the clouds from ripping out my broken heart Paranoid
We can drive around and see a movie BB Good
Did you ever think your dreams? We've Got The Party
I got burned and I have to learn Inseparable
Cause we're soaking up the sweet sunshine 6 Minutes
Raise Your hands up in the air and screams Poor Unfortunate Souls
You're the Voice I hear inside my head Set This Party Off
Girl you broke my heart and let down L.A. Baby
I don't how to act 'cause I lost my head Can't Have You
All by yourself, gotta catch my breath Got Me Going Crazy
The moon gets light as the sun goes down Burning Up!
So destrutive just like a tsunami Live To Party
It might sound cheesy Kids of the Future
We can make it last forever Don't Tell Anyone
You're still holding all of my heart Lovesick
Cause an empty room can be so loud Hollywood
Playing back the moments, now I'm starting to believe Before the Storm
It might've hurt worse to hear you say Pizza Girl
I finally found the missing part of me One Man Show
I woke up on my roof with my brothers Hold On
1 minute and the earth begins to shake SOS
As the morning sun begins to rise Just Friends
Searching for that something more Video Girl
You've warned me that you were gonna leave Much Better
You, I wanna fight with you Chilling in the Summertime
Cause hugs are overrated just FYI Australia
There's a man dying on the side of the road Keep It Real
Hope this doesn't make you cry We Rock
To send me to another galaxy Heart and Soul
Small talk on IM, just one more sentences Hello Beautiful
We were in the fast lane going to who knows where Goodnight and Goodbye
He's cool, he's hot like a frozen sun Still In Love With You
All our hopes and our dreams will come true Out of this World
Gotta face the fact that I can't walk away Appreciate
Stop! Tell me the Truth Don't Speak
We were out on the floor, yeah we danced the night away Feeling Alive
Daddy pays your bills but you still whine American Dragon
You can take these presents underneath my tree Time for me to fly
When you read between the lines That's Just the Way We Roll
You never listen to me, I know I'm better off alone Critical
And I fortunately know a little secret Lovebug
You've got to feel the beat before you can move Pushing Me Away
The earth can be a heavy ride Girl of My Dreams
You're the one I think about every day and every night I Gotta Find You
I'm losing, you're losing a friend Mandy
And don't forget to hold back your thoughts Take A Breath
Wouldn't it be nice if I had some tissues Move On
Don't let 'em get inside of your head Your Biggest Fan
We've got the words if you got the melody Drive
This has been a walk in the park Fly With Me

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