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Types of Forensic Scientist Test

Mr Burkhardt


1Forensic Accounting _____Deals with trace evidence in the form of soils, minerals and petroleum
2Forensic Aerial Photography _____Examination of biological organisms around fresh-water sources
3Forensic Anthropology _____Recovery and identification of skeletal remains
4Forensic Astronomy _____Determine past celestial constellations
5Forensic Chemistry _____Forensic accountants may be involved in recovering proceeds of crime and in relation to confiscation proceedings concerning actual or assumed proceeds of crime or money laundering
6Forensic Botany _____Examination of insects
7Computational Forensics _____Crime or accident scene photographers usually capture images in color but also in black and white
8Criminalistics _____Study of detection and identity of illicit drugs
9Forensic Dactyloscopy _____Studies structures and products relating to the failure or cause of damage
10Forensic DNA Analysis _____The study of fingerprints
11Forensic Engineer _____Development and software to assist in examination
12Forensic Entomology _____Examining and comparison of biological trace evidence, impression evidence
13Forensic Geophysics _____uses techniques involving radar for detecting objects hidden underground or underwater
14Forensic Geology _____Study of plant life in order to gain information regarding possible crimes
15Forensic Limnology _____Studies blood, hair & skin to determine the identity of a criminal

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