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Crime Scene & Eyewitness Basics Test

Mr Burkhardt


1Crime Scene _____Any physical location in which a crime has occurred or is suspected of having occurred
2Primary Crime Scene _____2nd step in the Crime Scene Protocal
3Secondary Crime Scene _____Refers evidence that is found at a crime scene in small but measurable amounts
4Suspect _____Interview witnesses and consult with the CSI unit. They investigate the crime by following leads provided by witnesses and physical evidence
5Accomplice _____1. A crime that is extremely traumatic 2. Focusing on the face 3. Attractive, Unattractive, Distinctive 4. Time of day the crime occurred
6Alibi _____Any witnessed accounts of an incident or crime
7Testimonial Evidence _____Person thought to be capable of committing a crime
8Physical Evidence _____1st step in the Crime Scene Protocal
9Trace Evidence _____4th step in the Crime Scene Protocal
10Police Officers _____Documents the crime scene in detail and collects any physical evidence
11CSI Unit _____1. Interview 2. Examine 3. Document 4. Process
12District Attorney _____1. Age 2. Race of the Witness 3. Use of Drugs 4. Person’s Memory
13Medical Examiner _____(entomologists, forensic scientists, forensic psychologists) may be called in if the evidence requires expert analysis
14Specialist _____Any material items that are present at the crime scene or on the victims
15Detectives _____Second person associated with committing a crime
16Crime Scene Protocol _____Statement of where a suspect was at the time of a crime
17Interview _____An alternate location where additional evidence may be found
18Examine _____The original location of a crime or accident
19Document _____3rd step in the Crime Scene Protocal
20Process _____May be present to determine a preliminary cause of death
21Factors affect a person’s memory  _____Typically the first to arrive at a crime scene. They are responsible for securing the scene so no evidence is destroyed and detaining persons of interest in the crime
22Crime Scene & Suspect Factors _____Often present to help determine if any search warrants are required to proceed and obtains those warrants from a judge

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