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Artists and their songs


ARE YOU A MUSIC MAINIAC? Well, test your skills with this game. Simply write the # of the song next to the artists name.

Katy Perry "Run the World'
Lil Wayne "OMG"
Ke$ha "In the Dark"
Elvis "Your love is my Drug"
Dev "Baby"
30H!3 'How to Love"
JUSTIN BIEBER "Sexy and I know it"
Cali Swag District "Teach me how to Dougie"
Shakira "Hips don't Lie"
Lady Gaga "Toxic"
Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song"
Far East Movement "Viva Las Vegas"
Beyonce "The One that Got Away"
LMFAO "You and I"
Britney Spears "My first Kiss"
Usher "Like A G6"

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