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Jack Kilby


Jack Kilby built a radio set the word "micro" means very small.
His ambition was to and became a ham operator.
During World War 2 he worked alone in the lab at TI.
He did not want to leave Milwaukee because Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.
In 1958 he went to work for  Robert Noyce had come up with the same idea.
During a two-week period in 1958 Jack worked with radio transmitters in India and Burma.
In that summer of 1958 Kilby made awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.
In California his family was settled there.
In the word "microchip"   the hand-held calculator.
In the 1940s the first computer weighed over thirty tons.
While working at TI Kilby invented become an electrical engineer.
In the year 2000 he was  a prototype for an integrated circuit.

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