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Winter Celebrations



1This is a large bird that was almost the symbol of the United States. _____board games
2This is an autumn holiday in Canada and the U.S. meant for celebrating one's blessings. _____pumpkin pie
3This sweet dessert is made with eggs, milk, sugar, spices and pumpkin which we have at Thanksgiving and Christmas. _____hangovers
4Many people in America celebrate this Jewish festival of light. _____Christmas Eve
5Families often have lunch or dinner together and open at least one present on the 24th of December.  _____Hanukkah
6You can wish someone well with this politically correct phrase. _____The Superbowl
7For many families the holiday celebrations end on this day. _____turkey
8The 31st of December is celebrated by many, but not all in America by going to parties or staying awake just long enough to watch the ball drop.  _____Thanksgiving
9Not much is open this day! _____New Year's Day
10Some people use this game day as an excuse to get together, even if they don't necessarily like football.  _____Boxing Day
11Many African Americans celebrate this harvest holiday since the 1960's.  _____Happy Holidays!
12People in the British Commonwealth celebrate this holiday on the 26th of December.  _____Christmas Day
13We give these out of love and also obligation.  _____New Year's Eve
14The verbs that we use for presents.  _____wrapping paper
15This is what we cover a present with.  _____Kwanzaa
16These decorate presents. _____presents/gifts
17Some families plays these after their holiday meal.  _____give and get/receive
18These can be a problem for young people after a holiday celebration.  _____bows

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