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Math WordMatch

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2+2+5+10+8= Forty-Two
3+3+3+3+3+3= Ninety
6X12= Fourteen
9X5= Three
6+2+3+5+5+1= Twenty-Eight
4X10= Twenty-Seven
25+25= Twenty-Five
2+1= Seventy-Four
5x5= Eleven
63-52= Twenty-Four
8X9+2= One
7+7= Eighteen
1X1= Seventy-Two
20+20+10+40= Eight Hundred Eighty-Two
10+8+1= Nineteen
42X21= Forty-Five
4X6= Twenty-Two
5+10+2+3+3+1+0+4= Forty
20+20+2= Fifty

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