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Chapter 19 Bleeding and Trauma

Joey Turner

1Pressure Bandage _____Bandage made up of gauze or gauze like material
2Bleeding _____Dressing that is also called universal dressing
3Clotting _____Loss of blood from veins arteries or capillaries
4Roller bandage _____A pad placed on wounds to absorb blood and body fluids and protect against infection
5Golden hour _____Blood vessels that carry blood from heart
6Hemorrhage _____Dressing that does not allow air or fluid to pass through
7Triangular bandage _____Loss of large amount of blood
8Elastic bandage _____Bandage can be used as a sling
9Rollover _____Blood vessels that carry blood to heart
10Occlusive dressing _____Thicken blood that stops bleeding
11Trauma dressing _____Blood vessels that link blood vessels together
12Dressing _____The first hour of a life threatening trauma
13Arteries _____Bandage used to keep continuous pressure on a body part
14Veins _____Bandage aid in controlling bleeding
15Capillaries _____A collision in which a vehicle rolls over

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