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Chapter 20 Soft Tissue Injuries

Joey Turner

1Chemical Burn _____Burn injury caused by heat
2Electrical Burn _____Burn injury involving the requirement of advance medical care
3Full Thickness Burn _____Injury to soft tissue
4Partial Thickness Burn _____Burn injury involving epidermis and dermis
5Radiation Burn _____Deeper layer of skin
6Superficial Burn _____Outer layer of skin
7Burn _____Burn injury involving all layers of skin and underlying tissue
8Dermis _____Deepest layer of skin
9Epidermis _____Burn injury involving nuclear or solar
10Hypodermis _____Injury to soft tissue where the skin is pierced
11Critical Burn _____Injury to soft tissue where the skin is rubbed or scrapped away
12Wound  _____Injury to soft tissue but skin is not broken
13Closed Wound _____Burn injury invovling an electrical source
14Open Wound _____Burn injury involving chemical
15Abraision _____Injury to soft tissue breaks sin surface
16Puncture _____Burn injury involving top layer of skin

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