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Chapter 4, Growth of the Thirteen Colonies section1&2

K. Escamilla

The American Journey history book

relied depended
backcountry bought from foreign markets
cash crops the next king in line for the throne
export  a regin of flat low-lying farms ofter located on rivers so crops could be shipped to market by boat
charter colonies a region of hills and forests climbing up toward the Applichian Mts
principal given a grant fo rights or privileges, to establish their colonies
successor A religious revival that swept through the colonies
Proprietary colonies produced just enough to meet their families' needs
surplus sell abroad
subsistence farming most important
Overseers strick rules that governed the behavior and punishment of enslved Africans
import extra amount
Tidewater bosses
Great Awakening directly rulled by Britain
royal colonies ruled by individuals or groups who Britain granted land
slave code  sold in colonial markets and overseas

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