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FIT Vocab


Workforce A term used to describe the activities of a worker using a computer at home to perform a job.
Work Environment Programs that assist people in solving technical problems.
Promotion A type of security software ,lets only certain kinds of messages in and out.
Incentive Systems  The address of a Web page to which you may want to return, stored in your browser. Firefox and Google Chrome let you maintain a list of bookmarks to make it easy to return to your favorite Web pages.
Salary and Wages Instructions that run a computer system
Downsizing The last part of an Internet domain name (in www.google.com, for example), originally intended to indicate that the host computer by a Web site you have visited
Job Analysis Several computers linked into a single system.
Career Portfolio A system of letters, words, numbers, and symbols used to communicate with a computer.
Computer Network An organized system of processing and reporting information in an organization.
Application Software A program code hidden in a system that can later do damage to software or stored data.
Program The combination of an input device, a processing unit, memory and storage facilities, and an output device
Central Processing Unit A standardized way of naming network resource, used for linking pages on the World Wide Web
Computer System The components or equipment of a computer system.
E-commerce A planned reduction in the number of employees needed in a firm in order to reduce costs and make the business more efficient.
Operating System Software To talk (or type) live to other network users from any part, or all parts, of the world. To chat on the Internet, you use an instant message program
Computer Language 16 years or older who are employed or looking for job
Hardware The folks who bring the Internet to you – by way of dialup, DSL, or cable modem, including folks like AOL, Comcast, and MSN.
Software A study of a job to identify in details the specific job duties and skill requirements.
Computer-Assisted Instruction A term used to describe the activities of a worker using a computer at home to perform a job.
Telecommuting Tangible evidence of your ability and skills provided when applying for a job
Robotics physical conditions and psychological atmosphere in which employees work
Computer-Aided Design To copy a file from a remote computer “down” to your computer.
Telecommuting A type of technology that transmits data over phone lines at high speed, as much as 7 million bps (bits per second).
Piracy All the computers that are connected into an amazingly huge global network so that they can talk to each other
Expert Systems An article that answers questions that come up often
Management Information System Computer programs that perform specific tasks such as word processing, database management, or accounting
Computer Virus A web site where people can create online profiles, photo albums, and blogs, and can link to their friends’ pages.
Artificial Intelligence Programs that enable computers to reason, learn, and make decisions using logical methods similar to the methods humans use.
Archive A private version of the Internet that lets people within an organization exchange data by using popular Internet tools, such as browsers.
Address The use of computers to help people learn or improve skills at their own pace.
Attachment The free Google webmail service, at gmail.com
BCC The use of computers to help people learn or improve skills at their own pace.
Bookmark Direct payment to an employee for work completed.
CC A search engine used for finding things on the Web, with extra smarts to look for the most useful pages.
Chat Conducting business transactions over the Internet or using other technology
Cookie A way to send a copy of your e-mail to someone without other recipients knowing about it
Domain Part of the official name of a computer on the Internet – for example, gurus.org
Download The entry page, or main page, of a Web site. If you have a home page, it’s the main page about you
DSL The last part of an Internet domain name, usually a college or university
Social Networking Site A series of detailed step-by-step instructions that tell the computer what functions to complete and when to complete them.
URL Mechanical devices programmed to do routine tasks.
FAQ A destination for either an e-mail message or a Web page. An e-mail address almost always contains an @ symbol, and a Web page address is more properly termed URL.
Edu Stealing or illegally copying software packages or information.
Firewall Connect the amount of compensation to the quality or quantity of an employee’s performance.
Gmail the advancement of an employee to a position with a greater responsibility
Google A computer file electronically stapled to an e-mail message and sent along with it.
Home page A single file containing a group of files that have been compressed and glommed together for efficient storage.
Internet The control center of the computer
Intranet Software that translates computer user’s commands and allows application programs to interact with the computer’s hardware.
ISP  A type of address in which addressees receive a copy of your e-mail and other recipients are informed of it if they bother to read the message header

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