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The Frameinator


acre cone bearing trees or shrubs
annual plant that lives only through one growing season
arboretum chemical used to control or prevent growth of bacteria
bactericide young deciduous plants frequently dug and soil shaken from roots for transplant purposes
bare root area devoted to the display of varieties of trees and shrubs for study and comparison
bedding plants vegetables which do not thrive in summer heat like cabbage, lettuce, spinach, peas
biodegradable plants sold in flats or cell packs for transplanting
bud crops that have different harvest dates, but are grown in the same area at the same time
bulb pinching off of flowers after they have wilted to prevent formation of seeds to promote flowering
chlorophyll the part of the plant where the stem and root join
cold frame material that can be decomposed by microorganisms found in soils
compost box not artificially heated, but protects plants from elements
companion crops green photosynthetic coloring matter found in plant leaves
conifers undeveloped shoot where leaves or flowers arise like stem tips
cool crop nutrient rich high organic residue made from aerobic decomposition of plants and animal residues
crown plant structure made up of fleshy stems containing a growing point or flower bud
cultivar  land area containing 43,560 square feet or 210' X 210'
dead heading plant type developed under cultivated conditions and from a single clone

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