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IsiXhosa Words and Meanings

Lois Henderson

This puzzle is based on the index that I compiled for the book "The Xhosa people" by Renee van der Wiel (Awareness Publishing: ISBN 978-1-77008-452-0).

If you wish to provide feedback on it, please feel welcome to contact me on Twitter @Lokeyanna123.

abakwetha bow
amaqhiya cow of the home
amasi gift of cattle
amaXhosa young woman
hlonipha home
igqirha Xhosa beer
ikhazi women’s dance
inkomo yobulunga  traditional healer
intombi traditional healer
intonjane headscarves
isiXhosa sign of respect
ixhwele samp and beans
uhadi calabash and bow
umgqusho Xhosa people
umngqungqo girl’s initiation
umqombothi boy initiates
umrhubhe Xhosa language
umzi thick, sour milk

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