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isiZulu Words and Meanings

Lois Henderson

This puzzle is based on the index that I compiled for the book "The Zulu people" by Renee van der Wiel (Awareness Publishing: ISBN 978-1-77008-453-7.

If you wish to provide feedback on it, please feel welcome to contact me on Twitter @Lokeyanna123.

amadumbe Nguni cow with white hide with small black
amasi vegetable with potato-like taste
iklwa medicine maker
imbazo ceremony to show that girl ready for marriage
imphepho sir, respectful name for eldest brother, head of the family
impi sour and thickened milk
inyanga group of huts
isicathamiya group of soldiers
isiZulu axe
lobola ceremony to show that girl ready for marriage
phuthu herb
sangoma singing without using any musical instruments
ukwemulo mealie pap
umemulo bride price
umnumzane a person who can communicate with ancestors
umuzi Zulu language

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