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Occupational Preparation I

Ms. Stevens

Fall 2011-2012 ACP Final

Match the vocabulary word on the left with the correct definition on the right.

1Budget _____Money earned from investments and employment
2Debt _____A computer terminal used to conduct business with a financial institution or purchase items such as postage stamps or transportation tickets; also known as a cash machine.
3Income _____Something owed, usually measured in dollars
4Job _____A position of employment with specific duties and compensation.
5Gross Pay _____Compensation for work, expressed as an annual sum and paid in prorated portions regularly—usually weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
6Salary _____The cost of goods and services, including those that are fixed (such as rent and auto loan payments) and those that are variable (such as food, clothing, and entertainment).
7Saving _____The process of setting income aside for future spending. Saving provides ready cash for emergencies and short-term goals, and funds for investing
8Expense _____A state or federally chartered for-profit financial institution that offers commercial and consumer loans and other financial services.
9Bank  _____Wages or salary before deductions for taxes and other purposes.
10Automated Teller Machine _____A spending plan or a record of projected and actual income and expenses over a period

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