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Terroism in the 21st Century

Dre Howell

Mix Match words

September 11,2001 Who was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks?
2 who was the president during 9/11?
Pentagon  What day was the 9/11 attacks?
Talliban What prison are Terroists tooken two?
international terroist group  What other building was targeted on september 11?
Osama bin Laden  What was the new Cabinet level Bush came up with after 9/11?
Saddam Hussein How many planes hit the tower on 9/11?
Invaded Iraq which group was Afghanistan ruled by?
He was hung who was Iraq dictator?
Department of Homeland Security  How did the US kill Saddam Hussein?
less than a hour. What was al Qaeda?
Guantanamo bay How long did it take before the twin towers fell?
New York  When Iraq violated UN resolutions, what did the US do?
Gorge Bush  Where were the Empire State buildings
Islamic  The people who took the plane were

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