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French words

Konrad Wlodarczyk

Match French word to correct meaning of them in English

1Se réveiller _____To rest
2Se lever _____To get on with
3S'hebiller _____To argue
4Se doucher _____To meet up with
5Se reposer _____To enjoy oneself
6S'amuser _____To be interested in
7Se pormoner _____To get bored
8Se brosser les dents _____To shave
9Se baigner _____To sunbathe
10S'entendre avec _____To brush teeth
11Se disputer _____To get angry
12Se laver _____To get to bed
13Se maquiller _____To relax
14Se raser _____To have a shower
15Se coucher _____To wake up
16Se détendre _____To go for a walk
17S'ennuyer _____To get up
18Se faire bronzer _____To wash
19Se rappeler _____To be called
20S'appeler _____To put some makeup on
21S'excuser _____To recall
22S'intéresser a  _____To have a bath
23Se fâcher _____To apologise
24Se rencontrer _____To get dressed

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