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The changing Earth


How forces change the Earth from within.

1Inner Core _____ About 800 miles of thick solid matter
2Outer Core _____ This words means to burst out of explode
3Mantle _____ Formed when layers of lava pile up on the surface of the Earth
4Crust _____ Is the place on the surface of Earth directly above the focus
5Plates _____ Formed by layers of cinders and layers of lava flows
6Dome-shaped Mountains _____ The thin outer layer of the Earth
7Fold Mountains _____ Heat from inside the Earth
8Fault-block Mountains _____ A opening in a volcano
9Lava _____ Formed by blocks of rock that is pushed up along fault lines
10Volcanic Mountains _____ Formed when 2 plates push against each other and one plate bulges out
11Earthquake _____ A giant wave produced when the focus of an Earthquake is under the ocean floor
12Focus _____ The point where rocks in the crust break and move apart during an Earthquake
13Epicenter _____ Occurs when material from the mantle erupts onto the surface
14Tsunami _____ Plates collide head-on, folding the crust and forming peaks
15Volcano _____ A place where hot water and steam shoot out of the ground like a volcano
16Erupts _____ The 20 large sections of the Earth's crust
17Vent _____ Hot, melted rock spewed onto the surface of Earth by a volcano
18Shield Volcanoes _____ It is 1800 miles and is the thickest layer
19Cinder Cones _____ A low rounded mountain formed when lava spreads out around a vent in a quiet eruption
20Cinders _____ A cone-shaped mountain made when a volcano erupts violently
21Composite Volcano _____ Volcanic rocks about the size of golf balls
22Geothermal Energy _____ About 1400 miles that is liquid
23Geysers _____ A shaking of the surface of the Earth when the plates of Earth move

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