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Organisational Structure

1Organisation _____Structure of different levels of authority in a business organisation, one on top of the other
2Organisational chart _____When a business employs fewer workers to produce the same amount through increases in productivity which can be achieved through delayering
3Hierarchy _____The right to decide what to do in a situation and take command of it to be able to make decisions without referring to anyone else
4Line manager _____Giving more responsibility to workers further down the chain of command in a hierarchy
5Function _____A diagram which shows the internal structure of an organisation
6Authority _____A type of business organisation where decision-making is pushed down the hierarchy and away from the centre of the organisation
7Subordinate _____Tasks or jobs. Organisation by function means that a business is organised according to tasks that have to be complete, such as production or finance
8Chain of command  _____Workers in the hierarchy who work under the control of a more senior worker
9Delayering _____The path (or chain) down which orders (or commands) are passed. In a company, this goes from board of directors down to other workers in the organisation
10Empowering _____Passing down of authority for work to another worker further down the hierarchy of the organisation
11Downsizing _____A type of business organisation where decisions are made at the centre or core of the organisation and then passed down the chain of command
12Span of control  _____Employee who is responsible for overseeing the work of others further down the hierarchy of an organisation
13Delegation  _____The way in which a business is structured for it to achieve its objectives
14Centralisation _____Removing layers of management and workers in a hierarchy so that there are fewer workers in the chain of command
15Decentralisation _____The number of people who report directly to another worker in an organisation

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