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Obj 7.01-7.02 Nat Res II

1Access Roads _____The ________________ and closing of roads is advised until road surfaces are properly stabilized.
210-14  _____Should not operate where two or more streams come together.
3SMZ _____Involves removing single trees.
41-10 _____Construction should follow contour lines as much as possible with grades between __________%
5right _____Stream Management Zone
6100 _____Methods can include burning, herbicides, manual labor, or heavy mechanical equipment.
76 _____Min. width for SMZ
8seeding _____A road system, temporary or permanent, installed for, but not limited to, transporting wood products from the harvest site.
9silvicultural system _____Stream crossings should be as close to ___________ angles to the stream as possible
10Site preparation _____On truck access road entrances that intersect public highways, gravel, wooden mats or other means should be placed on the first __________feet of entrance.
11Natural regeneration _____Rework roads to remove ruts in excess of _____inches deep over a distance of 50 feet
12Tree planting _____Timber Stand Improvement
13Thinning _____Locate sawmills outside SMZ or 10 feet away on if a ______ is created
14TSI _____The range of practices over the life of the forest.
15Prescribed burning _____Logging roads should be ________feet minimum width; wider at curves and turnouts.
16Complete harvest _____The cheapest wayto regenerate forest. Relies on available seed, stump sprouts,and existing seedlings
17Selective harvest _____ “Artificial.” Enables grower to select tree species and cultural factors, such as spacing, pattern, etc.
1850' _____Can be used to reduce buildup of leaves, needles, brush species and less tolerant tree species.
19berm _____When the entire marketable portion of the stand is removed in one cutting
20Skidders _____Done in tree stands when the crowns of trees become so dense that the trees shade each other.

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