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Biology Genetics review



1Allele _____The first parents (usually homozygous)
2Chromosome _____Homozygous dominant or recessive
3Dihydrid Cross _____A punnet square
4Dominant _____A two trait cross
5F1 Generation _____Have co-dominance (sploshes)
6F2 Generation _____A form of a gene (there are multiple)
7Co-dominant _____Having two of the same allele
8Gene _____Mix of two traits Ex. Roan
9Genotype _____Basic unit of heredity
10Heterozygous _____The genetic makeup
11Homozygous _____A less common trait
12Hybrid _____The group of genes for one being
13Monohybrid cross _____The sperm or egg Ex. 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, and 2-4 (in a dihybrid cross)
14Single Trait Cross _____Is always shown unless there are homozygous recessive genes
15Phenotype _____A cross between two heterozygous parents
16Pure _____A mix of two different alleles
17Recessive _____The offspring of the F1 generation
18Test Cross _____The offspring of two animals or plants
19Trait _____A cross of only one trait
20Gametes _____A characteristic (physical)
21Roan _____Examples: ABO blood types, mixture of colors, Roan animals
22Incomplete Dominance _____Determines blood type as positive or negative
23Multiple Allele Series _____Having on recessive allele and one dominant allele
24Immunoglobulin _____Part of blood
25Rh Protein _____The physical characteristics

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