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The Industrial Revolution

Year 9 History 2012

Changes in the Iron & Steel Industry

1Discovered that if coal was first turned into coke it could be used to smelt iron ore _____1856
2Devised the puddling method to produce wrought iron rapidly _____1914
3Invented a converter to turn liquid iron into steel quickly. _____1700
4Invented the BASIC PROCESS which used poor-quality iron ore to make steel. _____1879
5Grew into a large steel-producing town _____1889
6Had huge amounts of unusable poor-quality iron ore _____Henry Cort
7Was unable to produce as much as its rivals _____1880
8Britain's steel production was 2 million tonnes _____Middlesborough
9Britain's steel production was 7 million tonnes _____1709
10USA's steel production was 31 million tonnes _____Britain
11USA's steel production was 1.5 million tonnes _____1914
12The Eiffel Tower was built from steel _____1783
13The Forth Railway Bridge was built from steel _____1760
14The Iron industry was in trouble because wood was rnning out _____1880
15Abraham Darby I found how to use coal to smelt iron ore. _____United States and Germany
16The use of coke for smelting came into general use _____1890
17The puddling process was discovered _____Henry Bessemer
18The converter was invented to turn liquid iron into steel _____Abraham Darby ! of Coalbrookdale
19The Basic Process was invented to turn steel into poor-quality iron ore. _____Sidney Gilchrist Thomas and Percy Gilchrist

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