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Overview of Animal Phlya

Jesus Leyva

Match the word with the correct definition/phase.

1Muscle Cells _____"Tail" end
2Radical symmetry _____Another name for contractile cells
3Bilateral symmetry _____The double layers of mesoderm that suspends the digestive tract and other internal organs
4Dorsal _____Bottom of an organism
5Anterior  _____Have an additional cavity(the pseudocoelom) that develops BETWEEN the endoderm and the mesoderm
6Ventral  _____those animals that have closely functioning cells organized into tissues
7Posterior _____"head" end
8Diploblastic _____regular arrangement of parts around a central axis such that any plant passing through the central axis divides the organism into halve that are approximate mirrior images
9Ectoderm  _____Gives rise to muscles and most other parts of the body
10Endoderm _____Top of an organism
11Triploblastic _____Examples of Phylum Platyhelminthes
12Mesoderm _____All animals are...
13Flatworms, planaria, tapeworms _____Gives rise to digestive structures
14Multicellular heterotrophs _____These organisms have a third embryonic tissue(mesoderm) in addition to the other two
15Pseudocoelomates _____A body form in which the right end and left halves of the organism are approximate mirror images of each other
16Roundworms _____An example of pseudocoelomates
17Coelomates  _____those animals whose cells are not organized into true tissues, and organs do not develop
18Mesenteries _____The two groups that coelomates are put into
19Protostomes or Deuterostomes _____Gives rise to covering tissues, lining tissues, nerve tissue
20Eumetazoa _____Have only 2 embryonic tissues(germ layers)
21Parazoa _____Have a fluid-filled cavity that develops WITHIN the mesoderm

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