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Session 1: Introduction to the Normal Process of Aging


Please match the body part/function to the normal aging change that occurs to it.

Skin Becomes thinner and loses color with age
Hair Difficulty distinguishing between spoiled and non-spoiled food
Vision Less sperm produced, egg production stops completely
Hearing Difficulty understand other people's words, high tones
Touch Food is not as flavorful
Taste Normally experiences memory lapses from time to time
Smell Less able to filter out waste products
Bones Become more brittle and prone to breaking
Metabolism Harder to focus on close objects, may make it difficult to drive
Brain Harder to percieve texture and temperature, can be a safety risk with hot, cold, or sharp materials
Heart Slows down with age, may lead to weight gain
Lungs Takes in oxygen less efficiently
Kidneys  Pumps blood less efficiently
Bladder Is normally able to hold urine.
Sexual Organs Tends to loosen and develop wrinkles, delicat, easier to bruise

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