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Breathing Emergencies


Respiratory Distress If the choking conscious person is too big or pregnant
Respiratory arrest Breathing becomes difficult
Electrocution Can result in the tongue swelling and closing the airway
Sign of breathing emergency Narrowing of the air passages
Asthma Swallowing small objects
Emphysema Damage to the air Sacs
Bronchitis Severe allergic reaction
Hyperventilation Given to self or a person in a wheelchair for choking
Allergic reaction Dulls the nerves used to swollow
Anaphylactic Shock Slow or rapid breathing
Choking Breathing stops
Back Blows/Abdominal Thrusts Position to give an infant back blows
Chest thrusts A cause of respiratory distress
Abdominal thrusts Airway has been blocked by a foreign object
Face down Eating while talking
Rescue Breaths Over ten minutes
Possible brain damage Breathing faster and more shallowly than normal
Irreversible brain damage Between 4-6 minutes
Alcohol Poorly chewed food
Adult common cause of choking Given to a victim when they stop breathing
Child common cause of choking 5 each is an effective way to clear the obstruction
Infant common cause of choking Bronchial tubes are swollen and irritated

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