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Charade Cheats

Mrs. Grant

Here are some ways you can get your audience thinking about your word or phrase without spending a lot of time acting it out.

Book Unfold your hands as if you are opening a book
Event Pretend to pull the rope that opens a theater curtain
Past Event Hold index finger and thumb together - not touching.
Future Event Point forefinger ahead.
Location Pretend to sing on one knee or over a microphone
Movie Make quotation marks in the air with your fingers
Play Pretend you are using an old fashioned movie camera
Song Point index finger at earlobe.
TV/TV Show Make a circle in the air (representing earth) and point to as if pointing on a map
Quote or Phrase Hold index finger and thumb as far as possible apart.
Person Stand with your hands on your hips
Indicate number of words  Draw a rectangle to outline the TV screen.
Indicate a small word  Hold number of fingers indicating the number of words up in the air.
Indicate a big word  Point to the wrist as if wearing a watch
Indicate a word sounds like another word  Point thumb backwards over shoulder

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