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The Economy

James .M Henslin

Chapter 14

E-currency An amount recorded in government's paper money such as dollars or euros.
Electronic gold Illegal immigrants who enter the United States each years.
E-gold The process by which the industrial revolution took workers from home to factory and office, so our technological revolution has allowed two million workers to leave the office and work at work.
Global village Early childhood, old age, years after parenthood, teen years, years of parenthood.
Divest  It is not the activity itself that make something leisure, but the purpose for which it is done.
Undocumented workers The transfer of ownership to a specified amount of gold.
Transmergence A balance in units of gold.
Pravda The capitalist nations end up adopting so many features of socialism while the former socialistic nations adopt so many features of socialism.
Postindustrial society  the world's nations are linked by fast communications transportation and trade.
Stagnant paychecks The productivity of U.S. workers has increased year after year, making them some of the most productive in the world.
Teleworking Sell off.
Trends in leisure Russian's main newspaper and the former propaganda organ of soviet communist party.
Most leisure time Society based on information, services, and high technology.

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